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Streaming services have already taken the entertainment industry by storm and with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it seems as though they are here to stay. Keeping this in mind, many event locations and media companies are being forced to think outside the box.

Television and film crews are quarantining as well as changing the amount of contact they have while working on projects. Some actors, hosts, and film and television crew members are learning how to film from home or provide their services virtually.

There are both pros and cons to this new way of providing content but just like with every new advancement, change must come.

It is up to Broadway and its fans to either get on board or get left behind.


The biggest Pro of streaming broadway is that it is easy to reach a wide audience.

People all over the world have witnessed the success of Hamilton providing their Broadway play via the Disney+ streaming service during COVID-19. Families were able to watch from the comfort of their own homes, offices, or handheld devices as they traveled.

Having access by streaming Broadway at any time or the opportunity to watch on multiple devices is definitely a pro to multiple viewing opportunities. With this option, families can watch their favorite Broadway show over and over again and it is available to more than just those who could afford to travel and attend in person.

Not to mention, the Broadway plays are also receiving funds from the viewings while making sure staff and customers are staying safe.


A con of watching Broadway on a streaming device is the fact that it is not live and you do not have complete control of what you can see. You are completely reliant on camera angles and watching on a screen.

For some however, this could be a pro because it is closer than being in a large amphitheater with many other viewers.

There is a different feeling from watching a Broadway play in person versus streaming Broadway. Some of the same emotions are encountered but many have attended live Broadway shows to gain certain feelings that come from the Broadway experience.

Streaming and the Future of Broadway

During these uncertain times, it could be beneficial to both Broadway companies and family members to provide recorded streaming versus live viewing.

We do not know when things will go back to how they were originally and we can all benefit in the meantime. Having Broadway plays at our fingertips has reinforced to many people the lasting importance of Broadway in our culture.

It will be interesting to see whether Broadway continues to stream once the we move past the COVID-19 pandemic.

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